Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

We can't stand regular stimulation anymore.

We always want to be entertained. Reach into our right pocket and access an infinite list of things to watch, read, or listen to. People get sore thumbs from scrolling.

Talking with people is slow. "Boooooring."

As a result, it isn't easy to talk to someone uninterrupted. Notifications arrive at a rate inversely proportional to the age of the person you're chatting with.

I've been on the receiving end multiple times.
And I'm truly ashamed to confess that I also do it... even with my kids!

My wife and I try to use our phones sparingly at home.

But phones are good at finding their way back to your hand. "I just need to quickly look up the average weight of a baby elephant." The next thing you know, you're checking your email, your social media, the news, etc.

Now, listen. I'm not trying to make us all feel guilty. Getting rid of this stupidly addictive device is stupidly difficult.

But I want to remind us to give more of the most precious gift fathers can give: attention.

Every time our sons or daughters come to us, we get a chance to show them love by directing our attention to them.

Next time your kid starts talking to you, put the phone away. Shut off the TV, or stop whatever else we are doing. You'll signal them clearly: I love you, and you matter.

In a distracted world, undivided attention is a beautiful proof of love.